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Syrup Dispenser 2 JarSoft drink dispensers, 4 bowl 4CG.

Soft drink dispensers, 3 bowl 3CG.
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Soft drink dispensers, 3 bowl 3CG.

Product Name: Soft drink dispensers, 3 bowl 3CG.
Model No.: 3CG
Size: W440 x D420 x H640 mm.
Volts: 220V/50Hz/2.6A
Compressor: 1/5 HP
Temperature: 3-15 C
Refrigerant: R134 A
Capacity: 9L/32 Kgs.

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Rub the stain with it..
Kitchen cooking, we are often faced with the problem that plaque is a sticky. And cleaned it. How to clean up. Use a damp cloth, then squeeze lightly. Pour vinegar on a cloth, then wipe the world. Grease and dirt will come off easily.
Remove rust stains on the sink.
Sink made ??of aluminum. When used in a long time to rust stains easy solution is to use a salt scrub the rust. Rust stains can be removed easily.